Elton John is Worried About Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is always working and Elton John thinks that might be a problem. In a recent interview the “Yellow Brick Road” singer questioned whether her busy schedule is bad for her health.

Elton told The Guardian that the singer is looking incredibly thin and it concerns him.

“She is frail, and she doesn’t eat when she should, and she’s a girl, and it’s tougher for a girl,” he said. ” She works really hard. She will be in Denmark one night and Saudi Arabia the next. I know how tiny she is, and I do worry about her, yes.”

John even told the English newspaper that he’s talked about Gaga’s health with her parents, who are also worried about the pop singer’s well being. Elton, who recently cancelled three shows because of a respiratory illness, became close with Gaga after performing with her at the Grammys in 2010.

John’s concern over Gaga’s weight comes only two months after the eccentric singer tweeted:

Gaga’s Little Monsters weren’t too happy about her using the hashtag #PopSingerDontEat, worrying that she was promoting anorexia. The superstar has yet to explain or apologize for the tweet.

Shannon Carlin, CBS Local


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