10 Best Fall Drinks in the Desert

As Summer’s sweltering triple digits are behind us, fall is in the air. With Fall it’s time to think about beverages that fit the season. Here’s a sampling for your taste buds.

1. Hot Coffee Cocktails

Hot Coffee is always one of the most popular drinks. Hot Coffee drinks can be very tasty also with the right cocktail added. A favorite for many years is Irish Coffee. You might want to try a Caramel Irish Coffee.

2. Octoberfest Beers

Beer drinkers have a wide variety of options today with the popularity of micro breweries. Octoberfest is always a popular time for Beers. Many brewers offer some great tasting Octoberfest brew this time of year, but they’re not around long.

3. Bloody Mary

The ultimate drink on those chilly big game mornings, a Bloody Mary is as popular as ever. You can make it spicy if you like, the variety is up to you.

4. Hot Buttered Rum

Here we have the best fireside cocktail you will find.  It’s sweet, spicy, and warm and perfect on a chilly Fall evening.

5. Rusty Nail

It’s on the rocks, but will still give you a warm up! Mix Scotch and Drambuie for this Cocktail that’s an easy mix and does a nice job of warming you up.

6. B&B

This cocktail is smooth and subtle. Choose a quality Brandy and Benedictine served at room temperature so you can hold the snifter without getting a chill.

7. Hot Chocolate

We have mentioned several cocktail based drinks on our list, but a good cup of Hot Chocolate is sometimes just the right thing to warm you up on a cool evening. Some say Hot Cocoa too, either way make sure to mix in chocolate shavings or marshmallows.

8. Hot Apple Cider

Hot Apple Cider just goes along perfectly with Fall. Over the years many things have been added to Cider including pure maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves . The choice is yours.

9. Pumpkin Drinks

When it comes to Fall most people love anything pumpkin. There are plenty of choices. Pumpkin Lattes, Pumpkin Spice Eggnog, the list is endless, but very tasty!

10. Hot Teas

There are plenty of Hot Tea lovers that prefer their Tea over coffee. Like coffee, there are many varieties to choose from. How does Hot Cranberry Tea sound on a cool Fall day?

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