By Dan McGrath

I remember as a young boy having a great time Trick or Treating. You would go home and check out your bag full of sweets, but times have changed and many communities have Halloween events and activities and parties. There are many options these days including options on treats. Check out our list of candy alternatives.

1. Popcorn Packs and Popcorn Balls

I do remember some neighbors handing these candy alternatives out when I was a kid. It’s still a treat that the kids can pop at home.

2. Goldfish Crackers and Pretzels

Another alternative to candy, these are great snack treats. Satisfy the trick-or treaters salty snack cravings with these fun snacks.

3. Juice Boxes

Yet another alternative to the candy treats, most kids like juice boxes. Maybe you could get creative and decorate the juice boxes with fun Halloween decorations.

4. Spider Rings and Vampire Teeth

The kids will love these candy alternatives! There’s a good chance when they see these fun Halloween goodies, they will want to put them on and wear them for the rest of their trick-or-treating rounds.

5. Glow Necklaces

These are sure to be a big hit! A great candy alternative, glow necklaces are something the kids will love to wear. The necklaces also help with Halloween safety, because it’s easier to see the little ghosts and goblins in the dark.



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