Michael Bublé Talks New Album, Baby-Making

By Joe Cingrana

It’s been three long years since To Be Loved and being treated to new music from our favorite crooner — but Michael Bublé is officially back in action with his latest release, Nobody But Me.

Joining one half of Fresh 102.7’s morning show, Carson and Cane, Michael explained to Karen Carson just what it was that kept him away all this time.

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“The reason why it’s been a three year break,” Michael says with a sly smile, “is because my wife and I, we did it. We made love. And when you do it, sometimes, when a man and woman love each other, and they feel special things for each other, they will kiss and hug and sometimes they will make a baby… and we made two babies. Which is proof to everyone we did it.”

This is a process Karen, a mom of three, understands perfectly well, although now she’s got a teen on her hands, which makes her remember the “good times” that Michael is now in the midst of with his two boys (Noah and Elias) aged three and one. The “good times” when you still have some control over the little monsters and can still “have a life.”

Hear Michael’s full interview now on Fresh 102.7.


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