YouTube Star Coby Persin Gets Windshield Smashed

Making fun of New York City traffic is a joke well trodden, though it’s certainly no laughing matter when you’re embroiled in it.

YouTube star Coby Persin had no mind for the traffic that was passing by on a busy Manhattan street, and decided to annex a full lane all to himself for a photoshoot.

Continual honking and likely expletive laced rants didn’t seem to do the trick to get him and his crew out of there, so a Manhattan vigilante took to his own methods to try and push him out of there. And it was hilarious.

Notice all the horns. And how self-centered it is for someone to stop off a lane of traffic in Manhattan on a Sunday night. They are completely nonplussed, just slightly moving their positions for the constant shots as the car’s hazard lights are on.

It’s truly a unique New York City masterpiece, it has everything: busy traffic, horns, a flashy car, a photoshoot then, of course, citizens handling the injustice in their own hands, in their own way.

He’s since been on a mission to find the man who took a baseball bat to his windshield.


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