By Kelli

O.J. Simpson mini series and documentaries have been all the rage lately, but we could be getting an OJ Simpson reality TV show as soon as this fall.

O.J. Simpson could be released from prison as soon as this October and there are already talks of a TV show. TMZ is reporting that numerous TV production companies and TV agents are just waiting for the chance to sign O.J. to a TV show when he is released. Here’s the problem with an O.J. reality show though, broadcast and cable networks would never run anything with O.J., because the public outcry would be too big and there a good chance advertisers would not buy during that show. So, if a show would happen it would have to be a Pay-Per-View type thing. Either way don’t expect O.J. to get rich off of this type of deal, he’s still on the hook for a $33 million wrongful death judgement, so the money would go directly to that payment.


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