By Anthony Donatelli

Wedding season is right around the corner and thousands of newly engaged couples will be tying the knot before years end.

Marriage often gets a bad reputation, especially from those who haven’t had that magical experience, but when you find the right person, marrying the love of your life is truly the best decision you’ll ever make.

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Besides the the fact that you live longer and you get ridiculously good tax benefits, Hello Giggles nails it when they say marriage changes other things about your life too. Here’s a glimpse into what you’ll get to look forward to after saying “I do.”

1. You suddenly develop an upgraded level of confidence

After months of planning that stressful wedding, and ladies changing your name from Ms. to Mrs., you feel like an “official” adult. You can pretty much conquer anything at this point.

2. You stop caring so much about minor imperfections

It’s still nice to get dolled up when going to dinner or a movie, but now, you don’t have to spend hours getting ready. This isn’t implying “give up” on looking good after marriage, you simply realize that there are more important ways to spend your time. Sweatpants are much more comfy anyways.

3. “Compromise” is pretty much your middle name

Yes, you learned all about compromising when you started dating, but once you’re married, you become a pro at it. You know your partner so well by this stage that you can almost predict their reaction to certain things.

4. You’re suddenly incredibly aware (and paranoid) of age and statistics

You’re now a ticking time bomb, and it’s really bothering you. Why is every celebrity and athlete you look up on Google younger than you? These weird feelings often happen right after tying the knot and they can make you a little paranoid. Totally normal though.

5. You realize that yes, you do have a bedside preference and sleep is important

This is huge if you didn’t live together before marriage. Even if you were roomies before, there’s something very “permanent” about the way you sleep after becoming official. Are you a left-sider or a right-sider? Focus on it tonight, as you go to sleep at 8:30 PM with no regrets.

6. You finally understand scheduled sex

It’s extremely important to have those romantic moments, so you find yourself scheduling one night a week for intimacy. Sounds silly doesn’t it? You’ll be happy it’s on the calendar. Most married couples hit the sheets about 2 to 4 times a month, so scheduling an hour together every Monday is pretty healthy.

7. You’re suddenly the love guru in your group of friends

If you’re the only married person in the group, expect your dynamic to change. Things will be different and the adjustment will be weird. Although, if your friends love your partner, they might ask you for relationship advice. After all, you managed to find love and make it stick, right?

8. Every ex seems like someone you just made up

When you find the one and settle down, everything in the past turns into a dull blur. Remember when you were afraid of bumping into your ex? Now, you’re more than willing to strike up a conversation with him or her about how life has been.

Every person who ever broke your heart will suddenly diminish in importance. You just stopped thinking about them, since you realized how fulfilling a relationship can be with your new husband or wife.


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