By Kelli

Yesterday the NFL announced that they had recovered Tom Brady’s stolen jersey. We now have some more info on who did it and what else he allegedly stole. Plus check out the video of him leaving the locker room with a little something extra.


The man accused of stealing Tom Brady’s winning Super Bowl jersey is Martin Mauricio Ortega Camberos. He’s a credentialed member of the media that’s how he got access to the locker room after the Super Bowl. He worked for La Prensa, a Mexican media outlet (he’s since resigned). A piece of surveillance video shows Ortega walking into the locker room with a bag on his right side. When he leaves the locker room he still has the bag, but he also has something under his left arm, which authorities believe is Brady’s jersey.

In addition to Tom Brady’s winning jersey from this year’s Super Bowl, his jersey from 2015’s Super Bowl was also recovered and Von Miller’s helmet among other things. Ortega has had access to the locker rooms since 2005, so if he stole any other items and sold them, it could mean more trouble for him and trouble for the people who bought the items. Anyone who bought stolen items, even if it was done in good faith, has a legal responsibility to turn them over to authorities. If the good aren’t turned over, the buyer could be prosecuted for receiving stolen property.



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