Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds According To The American Kennel Club

Did your favorite breed make the Top 10 List of Most Popular Dog Breeds as listed this week by the American Kennel Club?

Well, kudos goes to the winner of the top spot, the Lab, who takes it again in 2017.

The Labrador Retriever tops the list for the 26th year in a row of the most popular dog breeds, according to the American Kennel Club.

Anyone who has ever owned a lab, knows that these dogs are loyal, trainable and great with kids.  So it was no surprise that it came in at #1 again.

What other breeds made the Top 10 List?

In order:

1) Labrador Retriever

2)  German Shepherd

3)  Golden Retriever

4) Bulldog

5)  Beagle

6) French Bulldog

7)  Poodle

8)  Rottweiler

9)  Yorkshire Terrier

10 Boxer

The AKC took into consideration 189 recognized breeds when compiling the list.

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