By Robin

There’s a dangerous prank circulating on the internet that parents need to be aware of, the “Siri 108” prank.

The prank on social media encourages iPhone users to voice activate the Ask Siri function by uttering “Hey Siri 108” and it then she goes to dial 9-1-1.  What this does in block REAL emergencies from getting thru the proper channels, inhibiting potential life-saving measures.

So why “108”?  Well, 108 is actually the emergency services number in India, like 9-1-1 is here in the U.S.  That means if someone were to say “Hey Siri 9-1-1” in India, the same problem would happen in that country.

Encouraging teens to do this ANYWHERE, ties up phone lines for emergency services.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department addressed this prank on its Facebook page this week with the following statement.



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