By Robin

Antonio Banderas, beloved Spanish film star, revealed he suffered a heart attack in January.

Banderas was attending a film festival in his southern Spain hometown of Malaga over the weekend, where he received a lifetime achievement award.

He revealed to the press that he suffered a heart attack on January 26th of this year, but it wasn’t serious.

He underwent a cardiac procedure to have 3 stents placed in his arteries.  He also said being a workaholic for over 37 years didn’t help his health, but he is fine.

Antonio Banderas is best known for his roles in movies such as:  “The Mask of Zorro”, “Interview with a Vampire”, the animated “Puss in Boots” and Desperado.  He is just 56 years old.

Banderas was married to actress, Melanie Griffith from 1996 – 2015.  The couple had one daughter together, Stella.


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