By Kelli

NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin is being investigated for an alleged sexual assault incident. No surprise, but his story is very different from the woman accusing him.

According to the woman, her and Michael were at a hotel bar til the early morning. After the bar they went back to Michael’s hotel room. That’s when she says she remembers feeling sick and allegedly tried to fight him off. She said she woke up in the morning just as he was leaving. She took an Uber and called 911 around 7:30am. The police advised her to go to the hospital and get check out.

Michael’s story is completely different. He does acknowledge drinking with the woman, but claims there were also other people with them. He says he went to his hotel room around 4:30am and she followed him. He also claims there’s was another man in the room with them and nothing happened. In fact, he says he was only in the room about 15 minutes, because he had a flight to catch.

If his story is true he should have no problem. Police are currently investigating the alleged incident.


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