5 Places to walk for exercise in Palm Springs

Let’s face it other than about three or four months out of the year it is beautiful in the Palm Springs area!

Residents enjoy the wonderful weather and realize that those few months will be hot. Some of us enjoy the heat. In any case walking is almost always a good option here in paradise. Check out our list of a few suggestions.

1. Pick a Trail, Numerous locations around the desert

There are so many great hiking trails around the desert, you may choose the best for you. Some of the trails are very easy hikes and some are very difficult. Pick the ones that are best for you and don’t forget your water.

2. Take a stroll down beautiful El Paseo, Palm Desert

It’s nice to shop when you’re on El Paseo, but you might just want to stroll the street and window shop! There are plenty of beautiful things to see and while you are enjoying the sites, you’ll also be getting your excercise.

3. The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, Palm Desert and Indian Wells

There’s always plenty to see and do at The Living Desert and don’t forget it’s a big place! Whether you go to check out the animals, the train display or any of their many events, you’ll be doing plenty of walking. Enjoy The Living Desert and know walking or hiking is a part of your visit.

4. Westfield Mall, Palm Desert

Always know that during those few really hot months that you are able to do the walking inside. No doubt you’ll see many of your neighbors and friends there also. Enjoy the stroll on the inside for something different.

5. Do a Walking Tour of Modern Architecture, Palm Springs

Palm Springs is the Modern Capitol of the world! If you enjoy the look and like to walk, why not stroll anf of the many neighborhoods or downtown streets and enjoy what is waiting for you to see.  You might even see a celebrity during your walk!


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