By Anthony Donatelli

Did you know there are certain dos and donts that you need to be aware of when dining at a restaurant?

Besides using your manners, there’s a proper etiquette that restaurant workers have revealed we’ve been doing wrong this whole time.

According to Elite Daily, these are the 7 things your waiter or waitress don’t want you to do while dining at their restaurant.

1. Stacking Plates and Glasses
It may seem helpful by trying to consolidate the mess on your table, but if you don’t stack your plates and glasses the correct way, it can lead to broken glass and a very angry staff.

2. Sitting At An Uncleared Table
By rushing over to a table or booth and grabbing a seat, your server will feel obligated to stop whatever they’re doing to clean your table. Be a good customer and just wait your turn to be seated.

3. Picking Your Own Table
This just complicates things. There’s a reason restaurants have a seating chart so that they can equally allocate tables. Again, be patient, your turn will come.

4. Ignoring The Question, “Are You Happy With Your Food?”
Yes, the timing can be awful with this one, but even if you just took an obnoxiously ginormous bite, just hit them with a quick thumbs up to let them know all is well.

5. Complaining Directly To The Manager
That’s fine if you want to voice your concern about your food or service, but talk to the waiter or waitress first. You’ll be saving everyone from an uncomfortable situation.

6. Not Mentioning You’re Splitting The Bill
WE ARE ALL GUILTY OF THIS. If you know when you sit down for your meal you want separate checks, just make it known ASAP.

7. When You’re Being Way To Chatty
There’s nothing wrong with developing a friendly rapport with your waiter or waitress, but they don’t need to hear all about your day. You’re keeping them from serving other people and doing their jobs.


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