Dan McGrath introduces His Sibling

In honor of National Sibling Day I would like to introduce you to my sibling. I have just one sibling. but she is a very special one and very special to me. Meet my Sister, Kimberly Ann McGrath. She has had a challenging life that I would like to share with you briefly.

My sister is mentally challenged but has led a fairly full life. When we were young children I would hear some of the neighborhood kids making fun of her and I can recall numerous times over those growing years when I had jump in and defend her. I guess it was a form of bullying before you heard much about it. I can remember the years of doctor visits and tests to determine what was best for Kimberly. She is not physically handicapped just mentally challenged. Due to her challenges she attended schools that best fit her needs. I feel like she enjoyed being in those settings and competed the best she was able to do.

My Sister lived with our parents for many years. After my Mother then Father passed away it was up to make the decisions that would best fit her needs. She did live on her own for many years and did well, other than people taking advantage of her kindness. The decision was made for her to move into a group home. I should have mentioned she has medical conditions that need to be monitored and the group home made the most sense because of their constant care.

After many years in the group home setting, my Sister is having the time of her life! She will turn 60  years old the end of the month and enjoys a really wonderful life where she lives, at a home called Ash Grove. They all work together dine together and as they say, go on several outings every week. From dining out, going to movies, concerts, parks and numerous activities life is good for my Sister, Kimberly McGrath!

I talk with her from across the country at least once a day and often twice a day, every day! We always know what each other is up to and I enjoy those calls very much! She’s my one sibling my Sister, Kimberly McGrath and I can’t imagine life without her.

Be sure to contact your siblings today and let them know you love and care about them.

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