By Robin

April the Giraffe’s little calf doesn’t have his name yet, but the first round of voting is over and we’ve got the top 10 names in contention!

The Animal Adventure Park in New York, where the calf was born, held a name-the-calf fundraising campaign.  For a donation,  you could submit a name for the baby, then the public would vote on the finalists.


The Top 10 Name Contenders (Alphabetical order):


1. Alyssa’s choice – Alyssa is April’s keeper, so she would get to pick the name
2. Apollo
3. Geoffrey (fitting since the livestream was sponsored by Babies”R”Us)
4. Gio
5. Harpur
6. Noah
7. Ollie
8. Patch
9. Patches
10. Unity

Now America, it’s your turn to vote in round 2!  The winner will be selected on Sunday, April 30th!  Vote HERE with a donation!


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