By Dan McGrath

Your Carbon Footprint measures the total amount of greenhouse gasses emitted as a result of your daily activities. Here are 5 ways to reduce yours around the Palm Springs area.

1. Food and Diet

You might want to try changing your diet. There are so many options available to us in the Coachella Valley. Switching to an entirely vegetarian diet drastically reduces carbon dioxide emissions annually.

2. Home Energy

Consuming less energy at home reduces your carbon footprint too. This might include high-efficiency appliances, unplugging electronics when they’re not in use and using energy efficient lightbulbs. With our extreme Summer heat, and energy efficient heating and cooling system is very helpful.

3. Driving

There are plenty of choices here. With our beautiful climate, other than those few Summer months, you might consider walking to your destination. You’ll also be getting great excercise too! Maybe even biking would be good too.

4. Recycling

This is something that is so easy to do and so helpful too. Everything you consume requires energy to produce. Recycling and reusing helps decrease your Carbon Footprint. Get in the habit of trying to recycle everything that you are able to do.

5. Encourage Family and Friends to do the Same

Once you change your lifestyle to reduce your Carbon Footprint, you might be a good example for others. Take the lead and encourage all around you to do the things that you are doing.


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