The 'Girls' creator interpreted "Don't Take the Money."

By Hayden Wright

The new video for Bleachers’ “Don’t Take the Money” is a quirky, colorful spectacular with pathos and a fun storyline to boot. It was directed by frontman Jack Antonoff’s partner, Lena Dunham.

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In the clip, Antonoff plays a nervous (and elaborately bedazzled) groom with pre-wedding jitters. He talks through his nerves with a friend before the ceremony begins, and it’s populated by a crowd of mannequins. Everything is going as planned until the proceedings take a calamitous turn.

In the middle of the service, his fiancee’s former lover (clad in racy black gear) crashes the party, steals the bride and punches Antonoff in the face. It’s The Graduate meets Jonathan Demme’s Rachel Getting Married meets the films of Wes Anderson—on acid.

Now that Dunhams HBO flagship Girls has wrapped, perhaps she has a second wind as a music video director ahead of her. Watch the video for “Don’t Take the Money” below.

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