10 Ways to Support Veterans in the Coachella Valley

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering those who passed away in the country’s armed forces. We have some suggestions on ways to support Veterans in the Coachella Valley

1. The Palm Springs Air Museum, Palm Springs

The museum, one of the finest in the country will have their annual Memorial Day flower drop on Monday, May 29th. This emotional day of activities will begin with various programs starting at 10:00a.

2. Attend a Memorial Day Service, various cities around the Coachella Valley

Cities around the Valley will be having memorial services remembering those who gave all. Support the Veterans by attending a service. You might even want to reach out to a Veteran and offer to take them with you.

3. Take a Veteran to Lunch or Dinner

Reach out to a Veteran and invite them to have a meal with you. Listen to their story while you enjoy a meal together and let them know that you appreciate their service.

4. Visit a Veteran in the Hospital, around the Coachella Valley

Sometimes taking the time to visit someone in the hospital, means so much! It’s possible that the Veteran you go to visit doesn’t have family nearby and your taking the time to see them will mean so much.

5. Offer to Help with Everyday Activities, around the Coachella Valley

Reach out to a Veteran and find out what you can do for them. It might mean going to the grocery store or taking them for their doctor’s appointment. A simple act of kindness means so much.

6. Help a Homeless Veteran find a Home, around the Coachella Valley

Homeless and Veteran are two words that should never be in the same sentence. If you meet a homeless Veteran, make the effort to help them find shelter. There are various organizations that are able to assist you.

7. Visit the General Patton Memorial Museum, Chiriaco Summit

Visit the museum and take a Veteran with you, if possible. The visit will have special meaning for both of you as you explore this historical place together.

8. Attend a Graveside Service, around the Coachella Valley

Most area cemeteries like Desert Memorial Park will be remembering the fallen on Memorial Day. You may want to attend one of these services. Call a Veteran and offer to them to attend the service with you.

9. Offer to Help a Veteran at Home, around the Coachella Valley

It might be difficult for an elderly or disabled Veteran to do simple everyday tasks. Offer to clean their home, wash their car do lawn work or any other need that they have.

10. Spend Time with a Veteran, around the Coachella Valley

Time is one of the most precious gifts anyone can offer. Instead of attending a cookout, or just a trip to the beach make this year different and spend that time with a Veteran. If you don’t know a Veteran, reach out to one of the many organizations that will be able to introduce you to a new friend.

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