By Robin

Every year, as we approach Memorial Day, there always seems to be confusion on how to honor it.

People actually get bent out of shape if you don’t know the difference between Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day.

I know peoples’ hearts are in the right place no matter, but as a former military brat, I thought I’d help us all understand the difference.

Let’s start with a holiday we acknowledged earlier this month, Armed Forces Day.  What is that?

Armed Forces Day occurs on the 3rd Saturday in May and honors those currently serving.

On the last Monday in May, is when we celebrate Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is just that – a day we remember those who died serving.

Finally, Veteran’s Day.  This day occurs on the 11th day of every November, and honors those who have served in the Armed Forces.

No matter how you honor our military on any of the above holidays, know that it makes a world of difference to know how much their sacrifices are and were appreciated.


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