Justin Timberlake's Selfie Changes Tennessee LawOne selfie from Justin Timberlake and new laws are created.
Adele Burps In Fan's FaceAdele is out on her world tour and over the weekend she had some memorable moments.
Kim Kardashian's Naked SelfieMom of the year, Kim Kardashian is showing off her mom body with a naked selfie.
Adele's Perfectly Miserable Gym SelfieAdele is getting ready for her new tour by working out.
Jeb Bush Gives Advice on Taking SelfiesAll of our selfie snapping problems can be solved with the help of former Florida Governor and Presidential candidate, Jeb Bush.
Man Snaps Selfie Of Wife In The Throes Of Labor - See The Pic! - Sunny FunnyA man snaps a selfie of his wife in the throes of hard labor, and lives to tell the tale.
Malia Obama Went to Lollapalooza, Takes Selfie, As Teens DoNo word on if Barack plans on attending once his presidency is complete.
Dubstep, Auto-Tune, Selfie Among New Words in 2014 DictionaryMore than 150 new words and definitions were added to Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary 2014 edition. Among the notable pop-culture terms officially added to the language are dubstep, which will inevitably infuriate those who can't stand the genre, Auto-Tune, fangirl and, possibly the country's most widely used new term, selfie. (The Chainsmokers must be giggling).

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