By Dan McGrath

With the sweltering heat upon us, it might be time to see a refreshing Shake. Here’s our list of favorites in no particular order!

1. Great Shakes, Palm Springs

With a name like Great Shakes, you can be sure they will have some great offerings for shake lovers! Both locals and visitors give them rave reviews. Some say one of the best shakes they ever had! Be sure to try the strawberry.

2. Ruby’s Diner, Palm Springs

I can tell you first hand because I have enjoyed many Ruby’s shakes, they are extra good. They offer seasonal shakes that are outstanmding. In the Fall be sure to try their pumpkin shake.

3. Palm Greens Cafe, Palm Springs

If you are interested in a restaurant that offers Vegetarian and Vegan fare, you’ll be happy to know they also have great shakes. When you go you might want to try the vanilla Vegan date shake. Outstanding!

4. Ben and Jerry’s, The River, Rancho Mirage

It’s always fun to go to Ben and Jerry’s. Part of that fun is the names that they have used to name their ice cream flavors. They also have great names and flavors for their shakes. Stop in for a Cotton Candy shake.

5. Nature’s Health Food and Cafe, Palm Springs

Here’s another restaurant that offers a Vegan and Vegetarian menu. The reviews are in and in addition to a great staff, they also offer great shakes. A favorite is the Date shake.


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