By Dan McGrath

There’s nothing wrong with good old vanilla and chocolate, but why not try some crazy flavors to help beat the heat. Check these shops as always in no particular order.

1. Lappert’s Super Premium Ice Cream and Dole Whip, Palm Springs

This shop is so much fun with their delicious creations. They offer items that you don’t just see everywhere.If you can’t make the trip to Hawaii, make the trip to their shop for one of their Dole Whips!

2. Beach House Yogurt, Palm Desert

I know their name says yogurt, but they also offer ice cream. The fun thing here is you make your own creation. Pick your ice cream or yogurt and then all those topping that you love! Plenty of fun with a beach atmosphere to go with your favorite flavors.

3. Ice Cream and Shoppe, Palm Springs

Their name is basic, but not their flavors. They get rave reviews for their flavors and their decor. Patrons just love their yummy ice cream in some very creative flavors. Be sure to try the lavender or even rose water ice cream!

4. Nitroinfusions, La Quinta

If you want great organic ice cream with only the freshest ingredients, check this shop out. It is an interesting process when they freeze their ice cream in front of you eliminating air and minimizing ice crystals. Try the pistachio and olive oil ice cream.

5. Frosty’s Ice Cream, Indio

Frosty’s is a fun place with a great staff! They offer more than just ice cream on their menu and you can have a beer with your favorite flavor!


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