Little Natalie is not even a month old, and her photo is already going viral.

Little Natalie is not even a month old, and her photo is already going viral.

Natalie’s adorable baby picture features her wearing accessories that evoke the late Tejano superstar Selena Quintanilla-Pérez.

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The photo has been shared by Pérez’s sister Suzette. Jennifer Lopez, who portrayed the singer in her breakthrough film role, liked the photo on Instagram.

“When the mom brought Nataliaia to me, she walked into my studio space, she saw the props sitting on a stuffed animal,” photographer Sofi Guerra told “She looked at it and she said ‘is that Selena?’ She was the flower girl in a family wedding several years back and Selena y Los Dinos played at a family wedding before she became super famous so they’ve always been fans.”

“I’m getting the chills while seeing this,” she continued. “I knew this picture would be different, I’ve taken thousands of pictures of babies. I knew this one is going to stand out for all the others.”

“This is a new generation that will carry on her [Selena’s] legacy, this is a new generation coming in. Even though she doesn’t know who she is now, her mom will expose her to who she is. This is a symbol of the next generation who will remember somebody so iconic. I think that’s why for me, that moment, even though it was so brief taking the photos. I’m doing everything that all these big people I enjoy watching. I’m doing the same thing but in a different way.”

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