Venues blamed slow ticket sales.

By Hayden Wright

Last month, a Buzzfeed News report slapped R. Kelly with allegations that he’s holding a group of women in an alleged “sex cult” rife with manipulation and exploitation.

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Some bizarre behavior at a concert this weekend drew more attention to Kelly’s long-running dodgy alleged sexual issues, which have simmered in and out of court for decades. Now, Kelly has canceled three stops of his After Party tour: Shows in New Orleans, Dallas and Baton Rouge will not take place.

During a Virginia Beach concert on Friday night, the singer grabbed a fan’s phone and rubbed it against his crotch before returning it, and invited others in the front row to touch him. Parents of women reportedly trapped in his “sex cult” have spoken to the media about their concerns. As the controversy mounts, venues blamed slow ticket sales for the cancellations, reports TMZ.

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