By Robin

A warning for parents whose kids use the popular music app,

According to screenshots provided to USWeekly, Brad Summer, an Illinois father who has a 7-year old daughter, discovered disturbing messages on his phone, directed towards his daughter, on the app.

Now he wants the public to be warned.

His daughter was using the app, where people can create their own lip-synching music videos, and thought by only adding cousins, and family members, that his daughter would be safe.

Somehow, an online predator was able to follow his daughter in the app and began sending her private messages.

In the messages, the person asks the child to remove her top and to take pictures.

Summer said, “I never thought of someone pretending to be 9 to gain access to my child.”

The predators disgusting messages were screenshotted by Summer and turned over to authorities.

Brad Summer’s warning to parents has been shared on social media 77,000 times.

Authorities warn parents to always have parental control over their children’s apps on social media. Know your kids’ passwords and check up on them regularly.

A spokesperson also encourages parents to use caution with internet safety and online privacy. The app has a 12+ app rating, so parents have the ability to block it using parental controls.


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