Is 360 degree tech the future of lyric videos?

By Hayden Wright

Early this summer, Imagine Dragons released “Whatever It Takes,” a promotional single from their third studio album Evolve. Now the band has dropped an ambitious lyric video featuring 360-degree technology. Fans can drag and pan through a digital space where the song’s lyrics appear in three dimensions among shooting stars and geometric pyramids.

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As artists place more stock in their attention-grabbing lyric videos, the race for a futuristic concept is on. Imagine Dragons’ new clip is both visually stunning and interactive—sure to win new fans (who are curious about the technology). Evolve peaked at number 2 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart when it debuted in June, and the Evolve World Tour kicks off in Phoenix on September 26.

Watch the lyric video for “Whatever It Takes” here:

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