"The negligence involved is unreal."

By Jon Wiederhorn

A new vinyl collectible has accidentally hit the market. Sony’s German record pressing plant recently goofed and printed music from Canadian punk band Zex onto Beyoncé’s Lemonade LP.

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“Some people have been writing to the band offering to sell their copy to us, at exorbitant prices,” Zex guitarist Jo Galipeau told Slate. “A lot of them have said, ‘Oh I like the surprise that I got on the other side, it’s good music,’ even though it’s not what they paid for.”

Lemonade only recently received a vinyl release — more than a year after the original album dropped. The German plant, Celebrate Records, blamed “human error” for the misprint. It’s unclear how many copies of Zex’s Uphill Battle were printed onto the yellow vinyl meant to contain Bey’s Lemonade.

Zex announced the error in a video on their Facebook page. Beyoncé’s label Columbia Records has apologized for the mistake offered to send unhappy customers who bought the misprint free replacement copies.

“The negligence involved is unreal,” said Zex vocalist Gretchen Steel. “I guess it happened, and they went out, and it’s pretty shocking, but we’re all laughing really hard.”

Word to the wise: If you bought a copy of the misprinted Beyoncé album, hold onto it. And keep your eye on EBAY!

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