By Scott T. Sterling

Portland veterinarian Jessica Thompson loves cats and Taylor Swift.

Thompson has brought her two passions together by dressing up seven foster kittens in outfits inspired by Swift’s epic music video for “Look What You Made Me Do” in hopes of helping them get adopted faster.

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Grieving after having to put down her own cat of 15 years, Topsie, Thompson channeled that pain into this pet project after seeing the multiple Swift personas in the “Look What You Made Me Do” clip.

“It just clicked,” she told Oregon Live.

Choosing her favorite looks from the video, she decked out each of the seven cats in elaborate mini-Taylor Swift outfits and shared the results online.

“I chose the ones I thought I could best represent with the kittens,” she said. “I like all the old Taylors and I couldn’t not represent at least one new one. So, I chose two: snake and rep.”

“I am by no means a seamstress but I like to dabble with sewing some and thought I could succeed,” she added.

Judge for yourself below.



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