"I just want your heartbreaking love,” she sings.

By Hayden Wright

Fans waited four years for Melodrama, Lorde’s followup to her breakthrough debut Pure Heroine. And while they’ve had months to play “Green Light” and “Homemade Dynamite” on loop, it appears new Lorde material is on the way soon. The singer, who is currently on tour promoting Melodrama, tweeted a cryptic teaser with the words “will u love me? will u?”

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Attached is a low-quality clip of new music, apparently taken at home or in the studio on a smartphone. “I just want your love… I just want your heartbreaking love,” Lorde sings.

It’s not clear whether the song corresponds to an upcoming project—a movie soundtrack contribution, tour single or just a one-off new track.

Listen to the teaser of Lorde’s new song here:

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