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2100 East Tahquitz Canyon Way
Palm Springs, California 92262

Listener/Contest Line: (760) 568-5103
Entercom Palm Springs Business Line:
(760) 340-9383
Entercom Palm Springs Business Fax: (760) 318-0056

Senior Vice President & Market Manager, Entercom
Michael Valenzuela

Marketing & Promotions Director
Leslie Bischoff

Market Program Director
Scott Ward

General Sales Manager
Randy Dame

Digital Sales Manager
Jonathan Morales


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Dan McGrath
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Advertising Information

The Palm Springs market continues to evolve from being a traditional seasonal destination to becoming a year around home and very special place for families of the Coachella Valley.

Since 1994, KEZN SUNNY 103.1 FM has been and continues to be a market leader in delivering results for our many advertising partners and their organizations. Today, SUNNY 103 reaches more than 30,000 people* per week. And, by utilizing multiple consumer touch points, SUNNY 103’s marketing assets and capabilities have the means to connect with potential consumers and work for you.


SUNNY 103’s use of results based on-air and online streaming commercials and promotional announcements, on-location promotions and events, along with cause marketing alliances look to deliver a return on investment. On-air ad units (ranging from five-second short durations to one hundred twenty seconds piggybacked ad units) are custom-created and produced for your company.’s online music stream has peak listenership during the workday along with extended time spent listening for those who tune us in online.  And, our on-air analytics provided a tangible metrics assessment for on-air campaigns. This is only the start of how we deliver a 360-degree approach for successful campaigns.

Our interactive capabilities continue to be both innovative and cutting edge. We offer pinpoint targeting of potential consumers on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices. Our interactive alliances include companies like Facebook for Instagram for social interaction and engagement. Our abilities to search and site target and re-target, geo-fence, geo-farm, pre-mail, email & post mail as well as provide attribution metrics for our campaigns is second to none. And, our Mobile+ program’s delivery of advertiser impressions to accurately targeted consumers is up to the second in speed.

SUNNY 103’s on-site promotions and non-traditional opportunities are marketing made mobile. SUNNY 103 has on-location events at places of business, event sponsorships, charitable fundraisers, vehicle wraps, a prize wheel, merchandise sponsorships, insured contests like our $10,000 “Crack The Safe” promotion and more. SUNNY 103 has the promotional vehicle to get your company’s brand in front of potential consumers across the Coachella Valley.

In addition, SUNNY 103 targets and reaches the affluent adult community. Even though we cater to a female audience, our music we call, “Today’s Hits and Yesterday’s Favorites”, maintains a tremendous market share and a great balance of adults in the multiple cities we serve. We pride ourselves on reaching those who listen at work, in their cars, and at home.

Our portfolio of radio stations and multitude of interactive capabilities together provide the opportunity for virtually any company’s marketing needs locally, regionally and nationwide

Let our SUNNY 103 team customize a marketing plan to fit your organization’s needs. Contact SUNNY 103.1 FM for an appointment or more information at (760) 340-9383.

* Nielsen Spring 2017; Weekly Cume; Palm Springs TSA P12+ M-SU, 6a-12m

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