Amy Schumer Says Her 'My Formation' Video was Never a ParodyThe comedian has written a lengthy post for Medium claiming that her "My Formation" video "was NEVER a parody."
Amy Schumer Parodies Beyoncé's 'Formation' VideoWhat else is an actress to do while she's got down time on set?
Amy Schumer Has A Run In With A FanAmy Schumer was in Greenville, South Carolina when she had a run in with a fan.
Amy Schumer Blasts Glamour MagazineDon’t ever even suggest that a woman is bigger than she really is. Just ask Amy Schumer who blasted Glamour magazine for including her in their “plus size” bonus issue.
Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Schumer's Movie Details Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are taking their friendship to the next level by working on a movie together.
Amy Schumer Strips Down For Calendar [Picture- SFW]There's an almost naked picture of Amy Schumer making the rounds on social media. If you’ve seen it and are wondering what the heck is this it’s for this year’s Pirelli calendar.
Jennifer Lawrence Likes To Pee In The SinkWhen you gotta go, you gotta go. Just ask Jennifer Lawrence.
Amy Schumer Twerks with MadonnaSchumer received a standing ovation for her opening set, but her night wasn't over yet.
Watch Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Schumer Dance on Billy Joel’s PianoMove over Taylor Swift, Billy Joel has his own concert squad.
13 Romantic Comedies for the Feminist in All of UsAs 'Trainwreck' approaches, we look at some of the smartest romantic comedies out there. No manic pixie dream girls allowed.
Amy Schumer To Feminists Everywhere: You're in 'Good Hands With Me'Amy Schumer graces the cover of Glamour this month to talk about being funny & feminist.
Amy Schumer Is Opening for Madonna in New York City Because the World Is KindAn off-the-wall choice? Perhaps, but still awesome.

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